About Me

This site was created to showcase my furniture making abilities through the projects featured here, some being restoration work and others being complete builds from scratch. I use a combination of power and hand tools, with emphasis moving towards hand tools. The use of hand tools in woodworking has slowly become something of a lost art over the last 100+ years, especially since the end of World War II. While power tools do have their benefits, speed being the primary, the ability to hand craft furniture using non-powered tools takes years of experience and it gives one a great sense of satisfaction.

The furniture you’ll see here will be some of my favorites styles from times past: Shaker, Federal, Arts and Craft, Greene and Greene to name a few. Other times you’ll see fun projects such as the John Deere Tractor themed bunk-bed for my grandson and others built on a whim.

Why “Lone Star Creations”? I was born and raised in Texas, but due to my aviation career I’ve relocated many times (21 at last count) over the years. I now reside in the Great State of Michigan, but all of my woodworking passion came from my childhood, at the knee of my father and his father, and thus, “There is a little bit of Texas in everything that I make”.



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