Wood Turning – Pet Urn

This is my first attempt at turning a wooden urn for my cat, Mr. Black, who passed away last year. I’ve never liked the plastic urn his ashes were returned to me in, so after some practice on other items, I decided to make a replacement.


The wood is from a freshly cut Mulberry tree from my brother-in-law’s backyard. The wood is very green and as such is easy to turn, but it is full of moisture. Here is the initial piece after all of the bark was removed and mounted on the lathe. Some turning was done at this point, just rough turning to get the whole log rounded so it’ll turn better when it’s balanced.



What I’m doing here is turning the lid on the right side of the log. I’ll finish shaping the lid and then part it off the piece. The solid end is the tenon that will fit inside the urn. In this configuration, the lid is pointing the same direction as the urn. Once it’s removed, it’ll be turned around to fit into the urn body.



Here is the lid in its final shape, all sanded and ready to be separated from the rest of the urn body.



Here I’m parting off the lid:



With the lid removed, it’s time to hollow out the urn body. After measuring the tenon size from the lid, that dimension is transferred to the body and now it’s just a process to hollow out all of the interior wood:


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